Frequently Asked Questions

Are all events listed on your calendar, CSAC events?

No, although we do several of our own signings each year, the majority of the events listed on our calendar are from other businesses and are not affiliated with CSAC in any way. On the Calendar all CSAC Events are indicated in a red background. A CSAC event is one in which CSAC is the sole promoter. On occasion, CSAC will partner with or act in conjunction with other promoters at an event. Such events are not considered CSAC Events and therefore all offers normally extended to CSAC members at CSAC events, will not be honored.

Does CSAC profit from Non-CSAC events listed on the calendar?

No, CSAC lists all events on our calendar for the benefit of our members and the general collecting community. The only way CSAC profits from a non-CSAC event is if the promoter pays to have the event listed as a Premium listing or places an ad with us.

Does your calendar display only free autograph events?

No, although many events offer the chance for a free autograph from the guest, many are events which require a fee for an autograph. Although rare, some are just appearances with no autographs available

Where do you get the information on the events that appear on your calendar?

We obtain information on events from many different sources including but not limited to: our own research, other media outlets, promoters submitting their events to us and from members sending in tips.