Thanks for bringing another 85' Bear out today had a blast. Really appreciate you and the service your company provides. On behalf of all the autograph collectors you are the best and we are lucky to have you.

J.L. -Lake Bluff, Illinois

In January of this year, I met my first sports' personality, Scott Van Pelt, with a friend by the help of espn.com/chicago.  After meeting Scott, it was such an awesome feeling and I left with the biggest smile on my face.  Even though he is just a sports analyst on ESPN, it was still a lot of fun talking to and meeting somebody in sports.  After that experience, I quickly told my brother who is 26, four years older than me, and he wanted to get in on the action.


I googled "Chicago athlete appearances" and your website was one of the first to pop up.  I called up my brother and told him about your website, calling it "a sports fan's hotlist."  We then set up our first signing together which was Matt Forte of the Chicago Bears at PNC Bank in Naperville.  We were literally fourth in line thanks to your website.  We waited in line for three to four hours but it was all well worth it.  Matt was such a nice guy, gave us a couple of autographs, and a picture.  Afterwards, my brother and I had the biggest smiles on our faces.  We just kept going on and on about how much fun it was. And it was all thanks to you.


After Matt Forte, my brother and I built up our athlete resume, sort to speak.  With athletes including Kyle Korver, CJ Watson, Taj Gibson, Johnny Knox, Peanut Tillman, AJ Pierzynski, and HOFs Dan Hampton and Scottie Pippen, amongst many more, my brother and I have shared many fond and exciting memories.  All of the athletes we've met have been because of your website.  During one signing, my brother and I were talking about how big our collection is becoming to be.  One thought that came across was the future.  We both collectively thought "In about 10 years, it's gonna be great to show our kids what athletes we met when we were younger."  


We have met some of the same people at various signings who are aware of your website.  We have also become aware that some of those people are going to appearances to get multiple items autographed to sell for profit.  It disheartens me a bit whenever I see that because that's not why I go and meet athletes.  I go for the simple thrill and fun of it.  These athletes are the guys that I look forward to watching every Sunday, or hoping they'd make playoffs, or screaming for on the top of my lungs.  I do not even ask for an autograph; I just ask for a picture and maybe a handshake.  That's all I really need.  Mr. Horner, if you never made this website, my brother and I would have never had the opportunity to bond the way that we do now.  You have contributed to us building memories and experiences that we are already cherishing.  


The point I'm trying to get at is that I wanted to say 'thank you' for what may seem to you a simple idea.  For all the Saturdays, all the pictures taken, all the laughs and smiles made, and for all the athletes that have been met, I thank you very much, Mr. Horner.  I appreciate what you do.

L.Q. -Addison, Illinois

Thanks! Can't wait to get the two different auto 8x10s of tyrone keys! did the membership last year it was really good. going to highest level this year!

A.H. -,

You guys are the best, keep up the good work. Thanks!

R.T. -Nothlake, Illinois
Love the service and have doubled my collection in less than a year!
R.D. -Lake In The Hills, Illinois
Just took the boys to meet Keith Van Horne. What a giant. Really awesome guy. My 10 year old and his buddy got to have dinner about 15 feet from Keith, and then they got at least 15 autos from him as well as pics. Just when we thought we were done, Mom called and said time to go home, we stopped by Bull and Bear to see if Briggs was still there. I figured it was a long shot. Anyway, he was there along with Azuma and Chris Williams. They took photos with the boys and gave them about 4 autos a piece. What a fun time. The kids are stoked!! Thanks very much for the great tips.
S.S. -Des Plaines, Illinois
Becoming a CSAC member is one of the best things I've done as a collector!
J.F. -Glenview, Illinois
The free CSAC signings with William Perry and Ron Rivera were great! Thank you!!!
K.C. -Barrington, Illinois
You guys are great! I'm glad I'm a member of CSAC. Thanks again for the opportunity.
T.W. -Plainfield, Illinois
Your service is great. My kids and I enjoy your site and attending all events, Thank you!
B.M. -Bensenville, Illinois
I just became a member and signed up for one year and so far I like the membership it's full of info, you keep us well informed on all events.
S.M. -Carol Stream, Illinois
Keep up the great work on the web site. I’m a big fan!
P.R. -Schaumburg, Illinois
Awesome! Thanks so much. My Husband is like a kid in a candy store when he gets your emails. He's very glad that he joined.
M.S. -Greenfield, Wisconsin
I just wanted to let you know that I received the KH2 photo today! I wasn't expecting it this soon so what a surprise!
A.D. -Morton, Illinois
This is a nominal price to pay for all your services. The updates have been great and your website is good.
J.H. -Western Springs, Illinois
Very Happy!!! Its one of a kind, not to many states if any have something like this!
J.P. -Chicago, Illinois
Thanks , I look forward to the service again as well as the auto'd photo.
D.J. -Lockport, Illinois
Just talked with a guy today downtown and he reminded me again of your site. He has been to many locations that you have on your site. Thanks and I hope, well I know it will, help in my autograph collecting.
D.B. -Homewood, Illinois

What an awesome website!!! So glad to have my membership back, just a few more free autographs and it will have paid for my membership.

T.S. -Loves Park, Illinois